Lenticular printing is a technique that creates 3D depth perception on a flat surface without the need to wear any 3D goggles!!!
The surface is actually not 100% flat for there are tiny vertical lenses (28 lenses per inch) on the material itself that create the 3D effect.
To get the most out of this technology I teamed up with the experts of Signpower for optimal effect.
The result is magical and cannot be shown online.
When you stand infront of the work and move around you will also notice the glitch-effect that is inherent to the technique. This creates movement and adds to the experience of viewing.
To get an idea of the 3D take a look at the anaglyphic 3D if you have anaglyphic 3D googles with red and cyan.
In the video below you can see the printing process

Lenticular printed 3D | Fabian9