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Fabian '9' Schlosser (Rotterdam 1972) is self-taught and makes inspiring spherical art in 3D. His larger works with lenticular printing technology give the viewer depth perception on a flat surface without the need for special 3D glasses.

The accurate calculations of these spheres form a strong contrast with the elusive elements that he adds to them. Mysticism, alchemy, mythology, science, nature, legends and unexplained phenomena are just some of his sources of inspiration.

The blueprint of all creation is sacred geometry. The number 9 related to this is the basis of his work. All life forms we know of come from timeless geometric codes. The mathematical elaboration of the origin is clearly visible in a pine cone, a snowflake and diamond crystals. The golden ratio, known for its use in art by Leonardo Da Vinci, is also part of his working method. The digital domain gives him the advantage of the required precision. Every work has been thought through with a specific concept and symbolism and can take weeks or even months before it is finished.

According to the old sages, the experience of sacred geometry is essential for the education of the soul. The power of this geometry in combination with the symbolism results in a magical visualization with multiple dimensions.
Gazing at it creates an interaction of perception and thoughts, colors and forms, in which the thin line between deliberately observing or unconsciously roaming the inner thought realm can sometimes blur.

Whether it is the nucleus of a microscopic cell or an entire planet, the spherical shape and the number 9 are the basis of our creation. It is not for nothing that a circle has 360 (3 + 6 + 0 = 9) degrees and a pregnancy lasts 9 months!


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