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Due to the Covid pandemic the actual artwork cannot be transported but nonetheless an image of my work '3-6-9' is on display in Leonessa Italy from August 13th till August 30th. Thanks to Gallery IMSPA.
Until February the 11th my work is shown atgallery IMSPA in Ridderkerk The Netherlands For more info visit: www.imspa.com
My work 3-6-9 with 3D lenticular printing with 3D (edition of 3) 117x117 cm has a new home. This is what the new owner said: "It is magical art you are literally drawn within!" - Petra van Trigt (interior architect) 
It's 3-2-1...9! The new website is online. I'm gonna be adding some new work and features in the coming weeks so make sure to come back. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because I have some exciting news to share soon!
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